Self storage is slowly but surely becoming the storage choice for most personal and business needs due to its flexibility and value for money options. However, proper planning is still required to fully maximize it and to make sure that you do not pay a single cent for something you do not need.

Layout of the unit

Storage units Jonesboro  have different layouts and this can affect the ability to maximize floor space to store things. You should always try to request for the unit’s layout map from the company prior to making a decision. This will help you determine if the things you are intending to store are able to fit in nicely. Knowing the layout will also simplify the transportation process especially if you are engaging a moving specialist.


Very often, the cost of the unit is directly proportional to the security features. Truthfully, you cannot expect top class security when you pay peanuts for the rental. Knowing the security standards of the unit will help you better plan for the things you can store and should store. It does not make sense to store valuable things in your self storage unit if the security is almost nonexistent.


Some self storage companies require an upfront payment for a few months which some accept monthly payments. Knowing how much cash upfront you will need to commit will help you to better plan your finances and protect your rights as a consumer. Some might even give discounts when you make a prepayment for a year’s rental as this will allow them to secure a long term tenant.

Storage capacity

Self storage units come in all sorts of sizes and add on features such as climate and humidity control for sensitive items. When you know the full storage capacity of the unit, you can start to know what you can store and eliminate the chances of you getting a unit that is too small and end up having to rent another, or renting a unit that is too big and you pay extra money every month.

There are so many reasons why you should plan for your self storage, with security and money the contributing ones. As the saying goes, fail to plan and you plan to fail. You do not want problems to surface at the very last minute and lead to an unhappy relationship with the storage company.

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