While leaving for Umrah or Hajj, one of our purpose of visiting holy cities of Mecca and Medina is to avail more and more time between the sacred places in these cities and this whole journey is basically a way of becoming more known and close to Allah. Being a Muslim, we are allowed to perform Umrah as many times, as our resources allow us.

There is no specific day or month of performing Umrah but Hajj is performed in the month of Zilhaj only. While performing Umrah and Hajj you need to keep a check that you have visited following places for Ziyarats. So here is a guide which is going to help you for knowing that which ziyarats you’ve to visit during these sacred journeys.

Al-Kaʿbah al-MusharrafahAl-Kaʿbah al-Musharrafah

This is the most sacred place for Muslim in this whole world. The one thing which has to be kept in mind is that there is a rich history behind this place and it’s the place where all the Muslims do Tawaf during Hajj or Umrah. The significance of this place for Muslims could not be defined in words as this is the most prestigious place on earth for them. For the completion of Hajj or Umrah doing Tawaf e Kaaba is a compulsion.

Plains of ArafatPlains of Arafat

Mount Arafat is a granite mount in Mecca. The plain of Arafah if 20 km in the southeast of Mecca. During Hajj in 2019, those who got this precious opportunity will get the previlage to be a part of important gathering on Afarat. At this place, Muhammad (PBUH) gave in farewell sermon 1400 years ago to the Muslims of that era, so sermon (khutbah) of Hajj is delivered here in Plains of Arafat on 9th of Zilhaj.

Jabal al-RahmahJabal al-Rahmah

When you will reach up to 70 km on the mount of Arafat, then the mount of Mercy or Jabal-al-Rehmah begins. This mount also has a very special importance in the performance of Hajj and Umrah. You will visit this Mount on both holy tours in Mecca.


After Mecca, there is a small province which is 20 km wide. On the days of Hajj, all the pilgrims have to sleep here, so this city is lighted by those people while performing Hajj. The state of Saudi Arab has done the most admirable arrangement for all the pilgrims during Hajj in Mina.

Masjid al-KheefMasjid al-Kheef

This mosque Is present in Mina where offering Salah is very much admirable. Prayers offer here has a very big significance for Muslims as it has been reported that various prophets have come on this point and have prayed here once in their life. This makes the importance of wishes being made here more and more salient.


This is associated with the program of Hajj; this place lies next to Mina. Here people come to ask for forgiveness during their stay at Muzdalifah and Mina from Allah through the specific recitation of Arabic verses.

Safa and MarwaSafa and Marwa

These are the great Mosque houses of Kaaba, the distance between these two is 450 m (1,480 ft). When people start walking from Safa to Marwa they perform said during Umrah. These both mounts represent the sacrifice of Hajra and her thirsty baby Prophet Ismail with the memory, how she ran on these both mounts with Prophet Ismail.

Zam Zam WellZam Zam Well

From this memory of Islam, there is a holy well of spring water which Is present there, this well is also one of the most sacred places in Mecca. This well was produced by Allah when Hajra was striving for water with her son Ismail. And then she said Zam Zam which means stopped water, so this well is basically the miraculous water which Muslims take water from here to their homelands as a notion of respect and religious memory.

Hijr IsmailHijr Ismail

This is a sacred stone which is also known as Hateem. This is also included in one of the sacred Ziyarats in Mecca. The reason is that it linked with the rich history of Islam and discovery of Zam Zam well.


This is a stone of Black colour placed in the eastern corner of Ka’aba. This is very important and magnificent Islamic relic which is existing since the era of Adam and Eve. People visit this stone and touch their lips as a tribute and respect.

Maqam IbrahimMaqam Ibrahim

This is the significant place symbolizing the prophet Ibrahim and his son prophet Ismail when they rebuilt Ka’aba. Where Ibrahim stood on this place which rose up from the command of Allah and her built the Kaaba. Also, it is said that Prophet Ibrahim Used to stand here and Sermon to people.

Jannat al-Mu’allaJannat al-Mu'alla

This is a graveyard where most of the relatives of Muhammad PBUH are buried and they are resting in the peace here in this sacred graveyard. This is the symbol of love and faith for Muslims so they visit this place as well and pay a visit to these majestuous personalities.

Masjid al-JinnMasjid al-Jinn

This Mosque has a very supernatural history when not only humans but the supernatural spirits were converted to Islam as they listened to the sermon of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. This Mosque was built to pay the tribute to all those beings who accepted Islam and then preached. Do visit this place when you will go for Umrah in 2019.

Cave of ThawrCave of Thawr

This cave is known as Jabal e Thawr, which is present on mount Thawr. The events report that this was the cave where Muhammad PBUH along with Prophet Abu Baker Siddique, (R.A) took refuge from Quraish when people were stalking to harm them. So when Muslims go on Pilgrimage they visit this place considering its contribution to the history of Islam.

Cave of HiraCave of Hira

This cave is present on Jabal e Noor where the first revelation was being granted to Prophet PBUH. This was the place where Prophet used to meditate. This place holds a wide significance for Muslims and every pilgrimage visits this place for making wishes and offers prayers as well.

There were the important Ziyarats which are found in Mecca, so if you are going for Hajj in 2019 or for Umrah, you’ve to visit these places, all you have to make sure that these places are visited properly and with proper determination because in this spiritual journey that one thing which really counts is the determination and faith.

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