Mostly for long journeys air travel is more suitable but in many European countries train travel is a good alternative as it’s cheaper andcomfortable. Here’s how to choose if train or plane travel is perfect for you on your next trip. Some of the benefits of train travel are:


Train travel is quite cheaper than airways. For middle class families trains are more affordable.Train travelmaybe time consuming butit’s worth it, and it’ll save you big bucks.

Better views

Rail travel offers a magnificentsight to some of the world’s most stunning and breathtaking scenery, up close and personal. By air, you may get a glimpse of a city or mountain while you take off or land, but usually, you’ll be stuck with clouds.


Train travel can seem luxuriously comfortable as compared to the squishy and shrinking seats of a plane.


Train offers railway restaurant dining in your seat but in style and they are even less expensive as compared to planes.

Benefits of flying

A few ways air travel beats the train are:

More places to travel

Air travel offers more destinations to travel. Rail routes are extremely limited. For this air travel is the only option to travel.


Plane crashes are catastrophic, and traveling at high speeds at high altitudes a plane crashes means the number of deaths is high. But plane crashes are not much frequent. Both modes of transport are considered extremely safe, perhaps, the risk of accident is lower in planes than on trains.

Guaranteed seats

Planes have a fixed capacity that means you will always have a seat. Trains, on the other hand, are overpopulated in few countries in some routes at peak times. And on most airlines, you’ll have an allocated seat so you won’t be frantically scanning for a seat.

The differences in time

Often it is assumed that planes travel faster than trains. However, this is notthe usual case, and it’s very important to take into consideration the full journey hoursinstead of just the ticket’s stated journey duration.

In case of a flight, this includes the fact that you need to arrive at the airport at least an hour or twobefore takeoff. Then there’s the time for security checks. Airports, especially the ones that budget airlines use, are most likely out of city limits and in less convenient areas.

But Train stations, on the other hand, are normally located in the heart of cities, which could reduce a good amount off your total travel time. Trains can’t take you everywhere. For traveling from city to city within a continent, they’re simply much more convenient and cheaper.

However, for distances of more than a few hundred miles, planes are still dramatically faster than trains. You may be able to get from Philadelphia to Boston in about the same travel time, but if you’re traveling across a country or continent, train rides are for those who have more time than money, or who relish the romance and adventure of train travel.

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