Apart from Taj Mahal , Agra is also attracting wild life watchers tourists. When traveller is doing overnight Agra tour than he get chance to do excursion of chambal safari with local tour guide Agra. The Cham bal Sanctuary is about 69 kms from Agra & can be accessed by surface only. It is just 3 km from town Bagh. Tha Chambal sanctuary is heavenly abode of Gharial (Crocodiles) & highly endangered species like Dolphins & red crown roof turtles here – Chambal Safari Excursion With Tour Guide Taj Mahal.


The complete density of wildlife here ensure sighting of many endangered species. This sanctuary is an sincere attempt to acquaint wildlife lovers with a territory that has retained its rare wildlife , natural charm & unique landscapes.

Agra Chambal safari excursion with tour guide taj mahal

A peaceful land with conducive atmosphere far removed from the chaotic cacophony of modern cities. It is also called National Chambal Gharial Wildlife sanctuary locate on river chambal at tri point of three states Rajasthan , Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh. There are many nature watching opportunities available for visitors to the National Chambal Sanctuary.


The appropriate opportunities for sighting and photography of dolphins & crocodiles can be had by hiring a steamer boat with a driver and guide, available at several points along the river chambal. A boat excursion offer many panoramic viewpoints for photography of gharials and shore birds and beautiful landscapes.

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Walking along the river offer opportunities for close observation of the wide variety of plants and animals in the sanctuary. Below I am eloborating an itinerary to visit national chambal Sanctuary on same day trip with Agra Tour guide.

Chambal Chambal safari excursion with tour guide taj mahal

Chambal Safari excursion is recommended to start early morning from Agra. The Agra Tour guide will report your hotel by 4:45 am with car. You can start with packed breakfast from your hotel. After drive of 1hour 15 minutes you reach national chambal sanctuary.


Here you will get down from your car & start walking with your agra tour guide towards river chambal where the boat booked by your tour guide will be waiting you for journey over river chambal. Before boarding all travellers will be given live saving jackets for safety point of view.


The river is 35 metre deep & inundated with gharials , gagnetic dolphins , crocodiles , red crown roof turtles & various endangered species of water plants. Whenever you want to take picture ask your boat man to stop at right point.


This boat ride is of duration of 2 hours where you will pass through various villages on bank of river chambal & also can enjoy watching different birds. At the end of ride , you can see some nearby temples & beautiful landscapes which were hideouts of dreaded dacoits.


By 8:45 am you will start your drive back to your hotel with tour guide agra. After noon you can relax in your hotel & in evening your tour guide will take you to Taj Mahal for sunset view of Taj Mahal.



Watching Taj Mahal in evening is highly recommended while listening history with tour guide Taj Mahal. After ending Taj Mahal tour you can either return back to your hotel or browse crafstmen factory with Taj Mahal tour guide.


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